Produced by Actual Industries
Executive Producer – Annie Tonsiengsom
Producer / Director – Janique Robillard
Directors of Photography – Eric Macey and Paulius Kontijevas
Camera Operators – Brad Mosher, Erick Schultz, Jonathan Dick, and Janique Robillard
Location Sound – Shawn Willis
Hair & Make-Up – Viridiana Cervantes
Production Assistant – Erich von Tagen
Editor – Jonathan Dick
Animation and Motion GFX – Jamie Peterson
Edit Assistant – Kathleen Kelly
Color Correction – Eric Macey
Sound Mix – Lance Limbocker

Produced and Directed by Dylan Wilbur

Chase Hamilton as “The Man”
Gwen Hamilton as “The Woman”

Director of Photography - Paulius Kontijevas
Production Desinger - Kat Audick
1st AD - Alex Thomas
B-Cam Operator - Eric Macey
1st AC - Keny Allen
2nd AC - C.R. Saxton
Colorist & VFX - Martin Melnick
Edited by Tom Wilbur & Dylan Wilbur
Animations - Mac Cooper & Dylan Wilbur
Gaffer - Cole Fiala
Key Grip - Brysen Uhalde
DIT - Chris Buchal

Brooke Arthur demonstrates how to make a Beers Knees. For more cocktail innovations, visit Cheers!

Client: Aviation Gin

Producer: Janique L. Robillard

Director: Alicia J. Rose

Director of Photograpy: Paulius Kontijevas

Bcam Op: Harrisen Howes

Gaffer: Jake Lyon

Produced for PNCA’s 5th Annual Benefit Art Auction to support student scholarships on February 22, 2013. Learn more about PNCA and our vibrant community of talented faculty, mentors, and alumni at

Featuring alumni Jean-Pierre Veillet ‘97, Anne Crumpacker, MFA ‘11, Anna Gray ‘08 + Ryan Wilson Paulsen ‘08, and Eric Trine, MFA ‘13.

Project Manager: Killeen Hanson and Alisha Sullivan
Producer/Director: Janique Robillard
Director of Photography: Paulius Kontijevas
2nd Camera: Harrisen Howes
Sound: Alison Grayson and Shawn Willis
PA: Ian DeVore
Editor: Janique L. Robillard
Color: Paulius Kontijevas
Sound Mix: Eric Macey
Music: Jason Leonard ( and Maxime Robillard (

An exciting, unique worldwide television show is under development— one that takes the best of reality TV and combines it with a global passion: the love of wine. The show, titled Best Bottle, is focused around an intense winemaking competition. Contestants are divided into two groups, based in different winemaking regions to compete against each other, Mother Nature, and time – with each group crafting their “Best Bottle” of wine. Both groups include a reputable winemaker accompanied by five aspiring winemakers, known in the industry as cellar rats.

During each episode the host, and a celebrity co-host, guides the teams through challenges and competitions. Every week contestants who perform well earn rewards, while the poorest performing contestant is eliminated from the group and leaves the show. After a series of eliminations, the two seasoned winemakers are left with one contestant apiece to coach though the final stage of the competition. The winning contestant, chosen by a panel of celebrity judges and loyal viewers, receives a $100k cash prize, the opportunity to bottle one vintage under the Best Bottle label, and a custom designed advertising campaign.