Ryan Woods was diagnosed with Glioblastoma and told he had 1-4 months to live. Learn about his story, meet his family, and find out about his goals to help build a loving community. You can get involved, by uploading a video response to this video or emailing us at: MyLastDays@SoulPancake.com.

Ryan Woods passed away on Nov. 7, 2012. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ryan. We will miss you.

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Created by: Justin Baldoni
Executive Producer: Golriz Gundry
Director: Justin Baldoni
Producer: Justin Baldoni
Production Coordinator: Christina Weston
Associate Producer: Ahmed Kolacek
Editor: Ambika Leigh
Music: Jamey Heath
DP: Scott Uhrfelder
Cam Op1: Paulius Kontijevas
Cam Op2: Dan Morries
Sound: Shawn Willis
Sound Mix: Dragonfly Sound
Colorist: Kurt Nishimura
PA/DIT: Emily Cox
Indie Van: Kevin Campbell

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